Feisty’s Big Day

Today, we celebrated the one-year anniversary of Feisty’s baptism. Which I can’t believe was actually a year ago. I didnFullSizeRender.jpg‘t make a cake for her baptism party on account of getting ready for a house full of people and having a six-week-old! So I figured today I might as well try out the King Arthur Flour Recipe of the Year, the Lemon Bliss Cake. (I think I linked to this in the previous post, too. I swear I’m not a flour shill, I just really like their recipes and finally had time to make it today.)

The cake turned out really well, nice and moist, with a perfect crumb. I added lavender flowers to the icing, which was a tasty addition. It’s looking a little dented in the photo, but was otherwise lovely!

We lit Feisty’s baptismal candle at lunch. She crumbled her cake into little bits and ignored it, aside from the pieces she threw onto the hardwood. It was nice for The Flyer and me to reflect, though. Here’s a flashback to a year ago, teeny Feisty “enjoying” her big moment with her godparents:


We had her baptized in the traditional Roman Rite at our FSSP parish, and it was a beautiful ceremony. It was interesting to share the Traditional Latin Mass with family who had mostly forgotten it and friends who had never experienced it. (Also, not going to lie, I kinda got a kick out of seeing my mother-in-law don a veil.)

I hope Feisty is able to appreciate why we chose that for her and that this day becomes more meaningful to her as she grows up. She’s already doing better than last year – she was okay until the priest sprinkled salt in her mouth, and then she was filled with rageĀ for the remaining portion.

In other news, I singlehandedly unclogged our basement floor drain, and we are finally getting somewhere on winterizing the spa. We also have gotten mostly unpacked, thanks to my aunt, who took Feisty for part of a day last week. Being able to do laundry and move freely from room to room has taken an amazing amount of stress off all of us.