Normally, I’m all about winter. Fall is my favorite, but I’m down with the -uary months. Hot chocolate, my winter clothes (nicer than my summer ones), soups, stews, gingerbread, toasty batches of granola, snuggling under flannel sheets, snow.

But we’ve barely had any snow this year and have been living in moving chaos and well. Winter is just dragging this year.

For once I’m looking forward to warmer weather, starting my extensive list of plants from seed, getting the yard in order. We try to eat seasonally and are hardcore missing fresh tomatoes right now. Those anemic-looking hydroponic things don’t really cut it.

At least we have citrus season, and I found this recipe for Lemon-Rosemary cookies to try. I wouldn’t have thought of that combo, honestly, but a writer friend made them for dessert after a lunch at her (super awesome Victorian) house a while back, and they were off the charts. 

Now hopefully I can also figure out ways to shake off the winter doldrums that don’t involve eating massive amounts of cookies. The Flyer has started doing those seven-minute interval workouts to cure his, and they look excruciating. Toddler hefting and nursing will probably just remain my cardio.