houseThe Place: Holly, built in 1904, but new to us in 2016. It’s not a rehab (dear God, we aren’t equipped for that, although it was bandied about). We have big plans for cosmetic stuff, as well as a small wallet, so this should be fun. 2017 is the year of paint. Join us as we slowly turn the bare and weirdly-accent-walled bones of the house into our forever home.



The People

Me – Writer, mom, arts content marketer, baker, sewist, musician, herb gardener

The Flyer – Husband, dad, sports fanatic, news junkie, historian

Feisty – The Toddler, lover of pasta, baby dolls, and destroying the living room

The Feline – Black cat, silently judging all

The Plan

Banish weird, contemporary colors from Queen Anne revival home. Pour entire soul into said home. Bake lots of delicious stuff. Start growing herbs again. Make own herbal teas. Take up sewing again eventually, make dressesĀ for Feisty. Write more. Feed more people. Have parties. Retain sanity.